Gerhard Karall Engineering 

specialized in trans-polynorbornen

Our products and product development service

we are a specialized company with around 36 years ( 2020 )  experience with trans-polynorbornen. 

Well - known companies worked with us on several product applications, mainly based on the capabilities of the poymer

and the related application possibilities, showing significant improvements vs existing products.

We offer at the moment:

                                                  - The polymer in form of masterbatches and compounds

                                                  - Molded products for Anti-Impact and Anti-Vibration Applications, for the automotive, tire,                                                            electronical and audio industry. 

                          - Very light, breathable, thin and flexible protectors, following EN 1621-1 to -3, with and                                                                 without combination with fabrics 

New applications like rail-pads and antivibration gloves are under development.

Based on our experience with such product applications, we offer customized development word for new products.

                                                                                                 Back protector EN 1621-2,                                                                                                               Level 2, 14 mm thick, high                                                                                                               flexibilty and breathability