Gerhard Karall Engineering 

specialized in trans-polynorbornen

About us:

We are the worldwide sole producer from trans-polynorbornen, brand Norsorex ®, based in Austria and have more than 30 years experience with this polymer. Gerhard Karall Engineering stands for high competence around this polymer and it´s applications.

NORSOREX® based ( PNB ) Materials

Benefits of PNB

Norsorex® Compounds are an extremely versatile material group that lends itself to a broad range of application conditions. As an injectable compound or TPE, Norsorex® Compounds offer advantages

in absorption of energies and impacts or improved grip that render it a premier choice of material for such technical applications.

  •  Available in hardness from 10 – 90 Shore A
  • Offers excellent absorption damping properties
  • High resistance against chemicals, ozone and UV rays
  • High physical properties, like high tear strength at low hardness
  • Bio-Compatibility
  • Thermo adaptive behavior


Our product development service

Fully integrated solutions – from first concept through to serial production, from small numbers to tens of thousands to many millions of parts, we work alongside our customers as a reliable development partner and dependable manufacturer of high quality products. 

Our products

Based on the trans-polynorbornen, we can offer following unique product lines:

  • Masterbatches and Compounds
  • Anti-Vibration and Anti-Impact solutions for various application fields
  • Norsorex - TPE, the competitive anti-vibration thermoplast                 PATENTED and LAUNCH in 2021 !
  • Norsorex APX - Hydrocarbon waste solidifier