Gerhard Karall Engineering 

specialized in trans-polynorbornen




     NORSOREX ®  - the unique polymer   

Advanced Trans-Polynorbornen ( PNB) technology is seeing exponential growth, particularly into high-tech fields of applications.

Operating in this emergent niche, Gerhard Karall Engineering ( GKE ) is the worldwide sole producer of the Norsorex® polymer and developed various specific applications for this polymer, which are not achievable with other polymers.

One of GKE´s most outstanding capabilities is the industrialization and use of the ROMP-technology to produce the polymer trans-polynorbornen, which gives high absorption capability of vibration- and impact energies and high grip performance.

Advanced recipes and compounding give materials with high wet grip, high abrasion resistance, high tear strength and low rolling resistance. A perfect combination for high performance wheels in the tire industry.